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The International Freelance Photographers Organization (IFPO) was founded in 1984. Now, twenty-eight years and more than 80,000 members later, the original mission of IFPO -- to be the primary source of support for the universe of freelance photographers -- has stood the test of time and has surely grown beyond the wildest imaginations of the original founders. Membership is Open to Everyone. IFPO press photographers cover everything from Little League games to Presidential Inaugurations.

It was Charles Porter IV, an IFPO member, who won the Pulitzer Prize for his famous Oklahoma City bombing photo. His shot of a fireman carrying a child appeared on the cover of Time Magazine and in most newspapers across the country.

IFPO sports photographers Jeff Gardner, Mervin Mann and Jeffrey Thornton cover NFL games on a regular basis and are widely published.

George Barney, Mac Norfleet and Aaron Vessup shoot celebrities, everything from concerts to the Emmy Awards.

IFPO members Dennis Hodges, John Nugent, Dwight Ellefsen, Thomas Benincas Jr. and Leo Gendleberg shoot models professionally.

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IFPO offers a complete range of services for the beginning photographer or for the professional 'globe trotter.'

You can link to the IFPO website from the IFPO Seal at the top of this page to check out all of the programs available. If after reviewing the information there you decide you would like to join, come back to this page to receive a 20% discount off lifetime membership fees and all the programs offered by IFPO, including the very popular Press Credentials program.

Lifetime membership, including a lifetime subscription to the how to make money with your camera magazine, "Today's Photographer", is regularly $81 pus $4.85 priority handling and First Class Postage for a total of $85.85. The postage can not be discounted, but your cost through this authorized distributor will be $64.80 plus shipping for a total of $69.65 for U.S. orders!!

If you are already a member, you will receive a 20% discount off any current IFPO products or services, not already discounted by IFPO, if you order through this site.

REMEMBER, if you order from the IFPO site, you will pay their regular full price!!

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