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I am a freelance photographer living in Asheville, NC.  In 1981 I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from the US Army after twenty years of service. My military background was in communications and data processing and I was a Senior Army Aviator with two tours in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot.

I earned a Bachelor of Industrial Management degree from Auburn University and a Masters degree in Information Technology from George Washington University. Although I am not formally trained as a photographer, I have taken courses from the New York Institute of Photography and have attended numerous seminars and workshops on photographic tecniques. I have had a passion for photography for over 50 years and the greatest influences on my style are the works of Edward Weston, Paul Strand, John Sexton, Clyde Butcher, Imogen Cunningham and the artist, Georgia O'Keeffe.  I enjoy most sharing my vision of what I find in nature and live music through the lens of my camera.

I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America, the National Association of Press Photographers and a founding charter member of the North American Nature Photographers Association. I am a member distributor of the International Freelance Photographers Organization (IFPO) and am accredited by and on assignment  to "Today's Photographer Magazine International", published by American Image Press. I concentrate and specialize in nature and fine art photography but I also enjoy on-the-scene photojournalism. 

All of the photographs in this site are available for purchase.  I also produce and sell my own line of note cards using my original photographs. For a description of the equipment and processes I use, click on the "About the Work" button to the left.

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Frank Zipperer Photography - Nature and fine art photography
Nature and Fine Art Photography
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